In a parking facility, customer always look for a vacant parking space. In a typical parking facility, vehicles are occupying as well as vacating parking facilities in random fashion. Hence available vacant parking spaces are scattered in parking facility.  This make incoming driver to drive around & find out vacant parking space. This is a cumbersome activity. It will create lot of dissatisfaction especially during time-critical situations like parking before boarding a train. At these circumstances, customer always look for some sort of notification on parking space availability.

Plurality of Imaging devices(cameras) are placed at different locations within the parking facilities. These imaging devices(cameras) are constantly transferring images to central image processing service. Central Image processing service will process incoming images & detect vacant parking spaces in parking facilities.The availability of underlying parking spaces is communicated to customers through various communication mediums as visual display as well as voice notifications.

Our Solution -CPGS

[Centralized Parking Guidance System]

CPGS Features

  • Supporting Multiple Parking facilities:   

Currently existing parking guidance systems contains parking monitoring & parking display systems which are strongly coupled together. This will limit user’s search on availability within adjacent parking facilities.

CPGS will can monitor any number of parking facilities as well as facilities at any locations& broadcast the parking availability to multitude of remote devices including mobile phone.

  • Device specific:

Many Parking guidance system will have it own imaging devices, this will limit customers choice due to affordability & availability.

CPGS assess parking spaces by processing the images, do not depend on how images are captured.

  • Encompassing Closed & Open Area parking: 

Currently existing camera-based parking guidance systems do not incorporate both open area parking as well as closed area parking.

CPGS will treatsame way to all images whether it is open area or closed area. Also CPGS do not have any restriction on alignment of vehicles.

CPGS Can Support

  • Any number of parking spaces
  • Any number of parking facilities.
  • Any where in the world.
  • Visual as well as Voice notification on parking space availability.
  • Real time parking availability status update
  • Supports both reserved and first come first serve parking facilities.
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